u6 soccer drills.

U6 Soccer Drills – Best Soccer Drills for U6 Players Development

U6 soccer is where many players start playing soccer for the first time. It helps them learn the basics of the game and gets them moving while also teaching them essential movement skills. It’s hard but worth it to make soccer drills for U6 players. Putting a soccer ball in front of these kids will amaze you at how much they can learn and how fit they can be.

8 Best soccer drills for u6 players

It can be hard to keep young, eager U6 players interested in improving their skills. Put away those boring lessons and strict routines. We have 8 fun and useful games that will have your kids laughing, learning, and scoring goals like pros in no time. Here is the table for 8 drills.

NODrill NameDescription
1SPACE WARSPlayers tag opponents with a ball, promoting agility and evasion.
2KING OF THE RINGPlayers keep possession within a ring, emphasizing ball control and shielding.
3MATCHING PAIRSPairs pass accurately, enhancing passing, communication, and teamwork.
41V1 TO GOALIndividual battles to score, developing attacking and defending skills.
51, 2, 3 DRIBBLEDribble with 1-3 touches, focusing on control, decision-making, and accuracy.
6CLEAN THE ROOMTeams clear balls into opponent’s zone, emphasizing teamwork and strategic play.
7FILL THE BUCKETDribble and deposit balls into a central “bucket,” reinforcing control and teamwork.
8TEAM TAGPlayers tag opponents for points, enhancing passing accuracy, agility, and team coordination.

Here are the eight best u6 soccer drills that will help kids get better at the game and build their endurance.

Space Wars: Navigating Soccer Space

Space wars. An u6 Soccer drill.

The Space Wars activity divides the playing area into two sides, each accommodating a team. Each player has a ball, and the primary objective is to eject the opposing player’s ball from the designated zone while safeguarding their own. A key rule is that once a player’s ball exits the grid, they eliminate themselves from the Space Wars U6 soccer drill.


The overarching goal of this drill is to instill a crucial understanding of power and control among young athletes. The objective aims to develop both strategic thinking and precise ball-handling skills in young players.

King of The Ring: Mastering Soccer’s Ring Realm

King of the ring. An u6 Soccer drill.

It is a variation of Space Wars. All players, except one, possess a ball. Distinguish the player without the ball by putting on a differently colored penny or jersey and designate them as the defender.

The attackers dribble within a specified playing area marked by training cones, while the defender aims to approach, snatch the ball, and kick it out of the playing zone. When a player loses possession outside the playing area, they must complete one lap around the zone before rejoining.


This drill aims to instill in players the habit of keeping their eyes up, enabling them to anticipate approaching defenders. Players are encouraged to shield the ball, keep it close, and maintain control while dribbling away.

Matching Pairs: Finding Perfect Matches on the Field

Matching Pairs

This training exercise focuses on both dribbling and passing skills, requiring the team to be divided into two equal groups, each featuring two goalkeepers. To optimize playtime and avoid interruptions, it is recommended to use a youth soccer rebounder to keep the ball within the field boundaries.

The main objective is for the attacker to outmaneuver their defender and successfully pass the ball to the next player in line. Subsequent attackers must also navigate their defenders, continuing the passing sequence until reaching the goal to score.

Form two teams, each distinguished by wearing different-colored pennies. Match up an attacker with a defender at various locations on the field. Repeat the same process for the other team.


Designed for more proficient young athletes, this drill emphasizes the importance of evading defenders and executing precise one-touch passes. Players will learn to receive a pass, execute a one-touch move, elude defenders, and make accurate passes.

1v1 To Goal: Face-Off in 1v1 Soccer Showdown

1v1 to goal.

Organize this drill with a goalkeeper, a defender, and the remaining players arranged as attackers. To maintain active involvement, consider setting up multiple attackers and defenders as necessary.

Establish a confined area where the attackers must navigate through, instructing the defender to attempt a ball interception before the attackers reach the goal to score. The primary objective for the attacker is to outmaneuver the defender and execute a precise shot towards the goal.

After taking a shot, the roles shift – the attacker becomes the defender, the defender assumes the goalie position, and the goalie moves to the back of the attacking line.


This offensive-oriented drill aims to teach players the skill of beating a defender while dribbling within a limited space. Players should grasp the concept that they can’t always circumvent the area entirely, necessitating control over the ball, quick thinking, and seizing the opportunity to take a shot on goal.

1, 2, 3 Dribble: A Soccer Drill in Three Moves

1,2,3 Dribble

This particular drill serves as an excellent method to acquaint beginners with the basics of dribbling. Create three distinct zones for players to dribble through by placing four cones in the middle of the playing area. Divide the group into two sides, instructing them to dribble within their designated areas.

When the referee blows the whistle, each player must navigate through the first zone and relocate to the opposite side from their starting point. Encourage the players to resume dribbling once they’ve passed through the first zone. Blow the whistle again, directing them to navigate through the 2nd zone. Repeat this process for the 3rd zone.


The primary goal of this straightforward drill is to teach young soccer athletes the importance of focusing to avoid collisions with other players’ balls.

Clean the room: Navigating the Room with the Ball

Clean the room.

Divide the field using cones, creating two sections. Scatter 10-12 footballs across the middle of the field. Upon hearing the whistle, players must clear as many balls as possible into the opposing team’s zone.

Both teams strive to kick the balls back into the other zone, aiming to minimize the number of balls in their own zone. You can set a time limit, like a few minutes. The team that has the most balls in their zone at the end of the time limit loses.

This enjoyable U6 soccer drill promotes teamwork and instills a sense of urgency in players. It serves as an excellent warm-up for all age groups, engaging 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds, and players of various ages.

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Fill the bucket: Shots to Fill the Soccer Bucket

Fill the bucket.

Create two teams of three players each, and use cones to mark a “bucket” in the center of the field. Assign two players to one side of the bucket and one to the other. Arrange three soccer balls next to each player’s station on either side.

The two-player team starts the drill, with one player dribbling toward the bucket, dropping the ball, and then running to the other side. After that, the next player starts dribbling their ball toward the bucket, and so on, until every ball is inside.


This drill primarily focuses on ball control and footwork. A player must collect the ball if they lose control and it leaves the bucket, which wastes.

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team tag: Soccer’s Team Tag Adventure

Team tag

Your squad should be divided into two groups, one using soccer balls and the other not. The aim is for soccer ball-wielding players to strike and kick other players.

Players earn points when they successfully hit someone but lose points if they miss. Those without soccer balls aim to avoid getting hit. After two minutes, tally the points to determine the winning team. Switch sides and guide the players on improving their points in the next round.


This drill aims to teach effective passing through engaging, non-instructional activities. Players learn to use the side of their foot for controlled passes. Striking the ball too hard may cause it to go out of bounds, resulting in fewer points, reinforcing the importance of precision in their kicks.

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How to train for U6 soccer?

You can train for U6 by focusing on fun and basic skills like dribbling, passing, stopping, and shooting with lots of games and activities.

Does U6 soccer do corner kicks?

No corner kicks at U6. Throw-ins are used instead to keep things simple and encourage participation.

What is the passing drill for u7s football?

Passing drills for U7s should be fun and dynamic: Use cones, targets, and small-sided games to practice passing with both feet and different techniques.

What size is a U6 soccer field?

Field size varies depending on league regulations but is typically smaller than a full-sized pitch. It allows for more touches on the ball and quicker games for young players.


U6 soccer drills are pivotal in introducing young children to the world of soccer. Beyond the physical benefits, these drills shape social skills and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of the sport. To coaches and parents, your role in creating a positive and enjoyable environment during U6 soccer drills is instrumental. Your support enhances athletic development and nurtures a passion that may last a lifetime.

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