how many acres is a soccer field

How Many Acres Is A Soccer Field? – Including Futsal And Youth

Football is a popular sport worldwide, and different pitch sizes are used for different age groups and types of games. Players, teachers, and soccer fans need to know how many acres is a soccer field in different sized soccer games such as futsal, youth, and high school fields.

Field TypeAcres (approx.)Length Width
Standard Soccer Field1.086 100 Yards50 yards
Youth Soccer Field0.209 40 yards25 yards
High School Soccer Field1.925105 yards70 yards
Futsal Field0.01182 feets49 feets
Indoor Soccer Field 0.039 200 feets85 feets

How Many Acres is a Soccer Field?

how many acres is a soccer field

A regulation soccer field adheres to international standards to ensure uniformity and fairness in the game. The dimensions of a standard soccer field are approximately 100 yards in length and 50 yards in width.

A standard soccer field, with dimensions of 100 yards by 50 yards, occupies approximately 1.086 acres. This means that when you step onto a soccer field, you stand on a piece of land slightly larger than one acre.

Calculating Acres for a Soccer Field

To determine the acreage of a soccer field, we can use the formula for the area of a rectangle:


Area=100 yards×50 yards

Acres=Area (square yards) divided by 4,840

Acres=(100 yards×50 yards)4,840

Acres in a standard soccer field = 1.086 acres

Youth Soccer Field dimensions

Youth Soccer Field dimensions

For younger age groups, such as under-6 and under-8, the recommended field size is typically smaller than the standard soccer field. Dimensions may range from 30 to 50 yards in length and 20 to 30 yards in width.

A youth soccer field with dimensions of 40 yards by 25 yards occupies approximately 0.209 acres. This illustrates that youth soccer fields, being smaller than standard fields, are generally more compact.

Calculating Acres for Youth Soccer Fields


Acres=Area (square yards) divided by​ 4840

Acres=(40 yards×25 yards)/4,840

Acres in a youth soccer field 0.209 acres

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High School Soccer Field Dimensions

High School Soccer Field Dimensions

While there can be variations, a common range for high school soccer field dimensions is between 100 to 110 yards in length and 50 to 100 yards in width. These dimensions provide a larger playing area compared to youth fields, allowing for a more dynamic and strategic style of play.

A high school soccer field measuring 105 yards by 70 yards occupies approximately 1.925 acres. This showcases that high school soccer fields are larger than youth fields, providing a more spacious environment for advanced play.

Calculating Acres for High School Soccer Fields


Area=105 yards×70yard

Acres=Area (square yards) divided by 4,840

Acres=(105 yards×70 yards)/4,840

High school soccer field in acres=1.925 acres

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Futsal Field dimensions

Futsal Field dimensions

A standard futsal field typically measures around 82 feet in length and 49 feet in width. These compact dimensions create an environment where players must make quick decisions and exhibit close ball control, making futsal a thrilling and fast-paced sport.

A standard futsal field of 82 feet by 49 feet occupies approximately 0.011 acres. This illustrates the compact nature of futsal fields, emphasizing the skillful and fast-paced nature of the game.

Calculating Acres for Futsal Fields


Area=82 feet×49 feet

Acres=Area (square feet) divided by 43,560

Acres=(82 feet×49 feet)/43,560

Size of futsal field in acres =0.011 acres

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Indoor soccer field dimensions

Indoor soccer field dimensions

A standard indoor soccer field is typically smaller than outdoor fields, with dimensions ranging around 200 feet in length and 85 feet in width. These dimensions create a tight and fast-paced setting, enhancing the strategic and skillful elements of the game.

A standard indoor soccer field with dimensions of 200 feet by 85 feet occupies approximately 0.039 acres. This illustrates the compact nature of indoor soccer fields, where every inch of the playing area contributes to the intensity and excitement of the game.

Calculating acres for indoor Soccer Field


Area=200 feet×85 feet

Acres=Area (square feet) divided by 43,560

Acres=(200 feet×85 feet)/43,560

Indoor soccer field in acres=0.039 acres

FIFA regulations for soccer field size

how many acres is a soccer field

FIFA has established clear regulations for the dimensions of an international standard soccer field. According to FIFA’s Laws of the Game, a regulation soccer field should have the following dimensions:

The dimensions of a standard soccer field are approximately 100 yards in length and 50 yards in width. A standard soccer field, with dimensions of 100 yards by 50 yards, occupies approximately 1.086 acres.

Smallest Allowed Soccer Field Size

FIFA minimums for soccer pitch dimensions promote fair and consistent play. The smallest soccer pitch size is usually close to FIFA minimums:
100 yards (meters)
Wide: 50 yards

The small space allows players to adapt quickly and showcases their technical skills. FIFA prohibits going below these minimal dimensions.

Biggest Allowed Soccer Field Size

FIFA sets a range for desired proportions, but soccer pitch size has no top restriction. The standard range’s largest soccer pitch size is close to FIFA’s maximum:
Distance: 110 yards
Wide: 100 yards
A soccer field this size gives players greater room to maneuver and play strategically, emphasizing long passes and dynamic movement.

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Key Differences among Various Soccer Fields

Key Differences among Various Soccer Fields

Size of Field:

The FIFA standard for international soccer fields is 100-110 meters long and 50-100 meters wide.
Youth league and recreational soccer pitches may be smaller to suit younger or less experienced players.

Type of surface:

The conventional playing surface of natural grass is well-maintained and consistent on many professional soccer pitches. Soccer pitches with artificial turf are more durable and require less upkeep. In harsh weather, it’s used.

Markers and Lines:

Local restrictions and field size may affect field markings, goal areas, penalty areas, and other markings.
The field’s lines might be painted directly on the grass or turf, or made of white paint or tape.

Goal size:

FIFA standardizes soccer goals at 7.32 meters (24 feet) wide and 2.44 meters (8 feet) tall.
Youth Goals: Youth soccer uses smaller goals to accommodate smaller and less skilled players.

Material for goal net:

Traditional Goal Nets: Nylon or other sturdy nets are used. Innovative Materials: To improve longevity, visibility, or other considerations, some fields may try innovative goal net materials.

Stadium, Seating:

Professional Stadiums: With thousands of seats, professional stadiums create a spectacular atmosphere for games.
Local Pitches: Local or amateur matches are played on smaller grounds without seating.

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Why Does the Size of a Soccer Field Matter?

Why Does the Size of a Soccer Field Matter?

Soccer field size affects game dynamics, player performance, strategy, and match experience. There are various reasons why soccer field size matters:

Strategy and Game Dynamics

Field size affects playstyle. Larger fields facilitate sprinting and passing, fostering possession-based play. In contrast, a smaller field may encourage direct and compact play with quick transitions and shorter passes.
Fitness, endurance of players

Players’ physical demands depend on field size. Playing on a larger field needs more stamina since players cover more ground. This affects team fitness and training.

Develop Technical Skills

Field size affects players’ technical capabilities. A broader field lets players show off their dribbling, passing, and ball-control skills. However, a smaller field may require faster decision-making and tighter ball control.

Scoring Options

Field dimensions affect scoring. More space surrounding the goal might increase scoring chances on a larger field. A narrower field may create more packed defensive areas, requiring precise plays to break through.

Team Formation and Tactics

Coaches adapt their formations and strategies to field size. A team may play with wide wingers on a larger field to make use of the extra space, while a smaller field may encourage a tighter defense.


How many acres is a FIFA soccer field?

A FIFA soccer field is approximately 1.76 acres in size.

How many football fields is 1 acre?

One acre is roughly equivalent to about 1.32 football fields.

What is the size of the FIFA football field?

The standard size of a FIFA football field is approximately 100 yards by 50 yards.

Is a soccer field a hectare?

No, a soccer field is not typically measured in hectares; it is commonly measured in acres or square yards.


A soccer field’s proportions are the template of a sport that captivates hearts worldwide. Soccer’s dynamic nature is reflected in its field proportions, from FIFA’s established criteria to professional league field sizes. As we’ve examined the soccer field’s history, impact on gameplay, maintenance issues, and use of technology, it’s clear that strategy, skill, and enthusiasm come together.

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