Maradona soccer move.

Maradona Soccer Move – How To Do Maradona Turn?

Soccer is a sport filled with breathtaking skills and techniques. Maradona soccer move also known as Maradona Turn stands out among the rest. Named after the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona, this move is not only effective but also stylish. The move is celebrated for its elegance and effectiveness in one-on-one situations.

What is the Maradona Turn?

Maradona Soccer Move

The Maradona Turn, also known as the “360-degree spin,” is a dribbling move in football (soccer) named after the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona. It is a skillful maneuver used by players to quickly change direction and evade defenders.

To execute the Maradona Turn, a player uses one foot to drag or push the ball behind their standing leg, completing a full spin in the process. This swift change in direction can catch defenders off guard and create space for the player with the ball to continue their attack.

How to do Maradona Turn?

Follow these 6 steps to perform Maradona Turn:

  1. Approach the Defender: As you approach a defender or opponent, make sure you are in control of the ball and maintain a moderate pace. The Maradona Turn is most effective when you catch the defender off balance.
  2. Use Your Dominant Foot: If you’re right-footed, use your right foot; if you’re left-footed, use your left foot. This foot will be used to drag or push the ball behind your standing leg.
  3. Position Your Body: As the ball is on your dominant foot, position your body in a way that shields the ball from the defender. This involves turning your body slightly to the side and placing your non-dominant leg between the ball and the defender.
  4. Drag the Ball Behind the Standing Leg: Using the sole of your dominant foot, drag the ball behind your standing leg in a smooth motion. This creates a 360-degree spin as you turn around the ball.
  5. Complete the Turn: As the ball is dragged behind your standing leg, complete the turn by pivoting on the standing leg. Ensure that you maintain control of the ball throughout the turn.
  6. Accelerate Away: After completing the turn, accelerate away from the defender in the new direction. Use the gained space to continue your attack or make a pass.

Remember, practicing the Maradona Turn is crucial to mastering it. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable with the movement. It’s a skill that requires agility, balance, and ball control.

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Who invented the Maradona Turn?


The Maradona Turn, also known as the 360-degree spin, is not attributed to a single inventor. Instead, it became popularized by the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona. Maradona showcased this skillful maneuver during his illustrious career, particularly gaining attention for its effectiveness in one-on-one situations.

While Diego Maradona is often associated with popularizing the move, it’s important to note that football is a sport with a rich history of various techniques and skills being developed and refined over time. The Maradona Turn itself likely evolved from different dribbling.

When did Maradona first use this skill?

When did Maradona first use maradona turn?

Early Displays: Maradona likely began incorporating the turn into his game during his early years in Argentina, possibly as early as his time with Argentinos Juniors (1976-1981) or Boca Juniors (1981-1982).

Global Spotlight: The move gained widespread attention during Maradona’s international rise in the early 1980s, particularly during the 1982 World Cup and his subsequent transfer to Barcelona.

Mastery in Italy: Maradona continued to refine and execute the turn with stunning effectiveness throughout his legendary tenure with Napoli (1984-1991), mesmerizing fans and bewildering defenders in Serie A.

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How to practice the Maradona Turn?

How to practice the Maradona Turn?

Follow these steps to practice maradona turn:

  1. Warm-Up: Warm up before the Maradona Turn to prepare your muscles for the dynamic motions.
  2. Basic Dribbling: Start with simple dribbling drills to improve ball control. Practice straight dribbling, rapid turns, and direction changes.
  3. Master Ball Control: Improve your ball control. Practice stopping and trapping the ball with both feet to feel comfortable turning with either foot.
  4. Foot position: Practice pulling the ball behind your standing leg with your dominant foot while standing shoulder-width apart. Protect the ball from an imaginary defender with your body.
  5. Practice Without Ball: First, practice rotating without the ball. Focus on body pivot and rotation. This improves balance and coordination.
  6. Add Ball: Use the ball in practice. Start with modest, controlled turns and speed up as you get used to it. Maintain close ball control throughout the maneuver.
  7. Alternative Feet: Try the Maradona Turn with your dominant and non-dominant foot. This will improve your field versatility and skill use in many situations.
  8. Boost Speed: Slowly increase your turn speed as you develop confidence. Maintaining ball control while moving quickly is crucial.
  9. Game simulations: Create game-like scenarios. Place cones or markers to mimic defenders and practice the Maradona Turn around them.
  10. With Other Skills: Combine the Maradona Turn with other dribbling and attacking talents. You’ll be more unpredictable and effective on the pitch.
  11. Repeat and reinforce: Continuous repetition is essential for mastering. The Maradona Turn requires constant practice to build muscle memory.
  12. Get Feedback: Have a coach or training partner evaluate your technique. This can help you enhance execution and discover areas for improvement.

Be diligent in your practice—improvement takes time. Regularly practicing the Maradona Turn will improve your ball handling and game performance.

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When to use a Maradona Turn?

When to use a Maradona Turn?

The Maradona Turn is a versatile dribbling move that can be effective in various situations on the soccer field. You can use the Maradona turn in the following situations:

  1. One-on-one: The Maradona Turn works well against defenders one-on-one. The Maradona Turn can help you generate space and continue your attack when facing a defender.
  2. Tight-Space Close Ball Control: The Maradona Turn helps you keep ball control in tight places and navigate through traffic. You can rotate and change direction efficiently in tight places with its 360-degree spin.
  3. Opportunities for Goal-scoring: Use Maradona Utilize attacking positions to score. You can create space for a shot or a critical pass by quickly shifting direction and leaving defenders behind.
  4. Surprise Opponents: Football relies on surprise. Surprise defenders with the Maradona Turn to gain a momentary advantage and disrupt their defensive form.
  5. Confusing Goalkeepers: Using the Maradona Turn against a goalie can add unpredictability to your attacking play. It may make it harder for the goalkeeper to predict your next move, enhancing your scoring possibilities.

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Exercise for Maradona turn

maradona soccer move, Exercise for Maradona turn
  1. Cone Dribbling Drills:
    • Set up cones in a line or slalom pattern and practice dribbling through them, incorporating the Maradona Turn at each cone for agility and control.
  2. Agility Ladder Drills:
    • Improve footwork and quick movements by performing agility ladder drills, adding turns and direction changes to mimic the Maradona Turn.
  3. Shadow Dribbling:
    • Visualize defenders and practice dribbling with quick Maradona Turns in a designated area to simulate real-game scenarios.

Equipment Needed: One soccer ball and some cones.

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What Player Could Be Doing Wrong?

Poor body placement might cause balance and control issues when doing the Maradona Turn. Players typically lean too far in one direction before executing a play, allowing defenders to anticipate and counter. Players may not keep the ball near during the turn, making it simpler for defenders to dispossess them. The Maradona Turn must be timed correctly to avoid turnovers or momentum loss.


What is the soccer move Maradona?

The soccer move known as the “Maradona” is a skillful dribbling maneuver where a player uses quick, precise footwork to navigate through defenders, famously executed by Diego Maradona during his career.

Does Maradona have a signature move?

Yes, Maradona is associated with a signature move, the “Maradona 7,” which involves a swift turn and dribble reminiscent of his unique playing style.

Who is the Maradona move named after?

The Maradona move is named after the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona, who popularized the technique with his extraordinary ball control and agility on the field.

What is Maradona’s best position?

Diego Maradona’s best position was typically as an attacking midfielder or forward, where his exceptional vision, creativity, and goal-scoring ability contributed to his status as one of the greatest footballers in history.


A legendary figure in the sport of soccer, Diego Maradona, made an everlasting impression on the football world. Beyond the victories, his contributions were about the artistry, the unexpected, and the pure joy of playing soccer. His contributions went beyond victories themselves. Outside of the playing field, Diego Maradona’s influence may be felt even now. Many of his skills, particularly the Maradona soccer move, continue to serve as enduring examples of the elegance and craftsmanship that can be found in soccer.

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