Soccer Drills For U11

Soccer Drills For U11 Player’s Development

Football is more than simply a game; it is a journey of developing skills, working together with others, and most importantly, having fun. The incorporation of Soccer drills for u11 that are both interesting and purposeful is a crucial component for young players.

10 best soccer Drills for u11

The top ten soccer drills for U11 players are listed below; they will undoubtedly help players develop their abilities, strengths, and field experience.

1- The Joker Game

Soccer Drills For U11 (The Joker Game)

The Joker Game focuses on quick decision-making and adaptability. Players are encouraged to think creatively and respond to changing scenarios.

How to do this Drill

Set up a small-sided game where players can freely move around. Assign a “Joker” player who can switch teams at any time, creating unpredictability.


Improves decision-making, adaptability, and awareness. Enhances the ability to read and respond to dynamic situations on the field.


Develops players’ quick thinking and the ability to adjust to changing circumstances during a game. Encourages creativity and spontaneity in decision-making.

2- Attacking Build-up Play

Attacking Build-up Play

This drill focuses on teaching young players the fundamentals of coordinated attacking play, emphasizing passing, movement, and positional awareness.

How to do this Drill

Set up a practice area with cones, divide players into attacking units, and guide them through building up play from the defense to the attacking third.


Improves passing accuracy, teamwork, and understanding of attacking positions. It enhances players’ ability to transition from defense to offense.


Develops the players’ understanding of coordinated attacking play, fostering teamwork and effective ball circulation from the back to create goal-scoring opportunities.

3- Overload Waves

Overload Waves

Overload Waves is designed to teach players how to exploit numerical advantages during attacking situations.

How to do this Drill

Create zones on the field and allocate more attackers to specific zones, encouraging players to exploit numerical superiority and create scoring opportunities.


Enhances players’ ability to recognize and exploit numerical advantages during attacks. Improves decision-making in the final third.


Develops the players’ understanding of creating overloads to break down opposition defenses. Improves awareness of numerical situations and decision-making in the attacking phase.

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4- Score Close to Goal

Score Close to Goal

This drill teaches players how to score from close-range situations, emphasizing quick reactions and accuracy.

How to do this Drill

Set up a goal-scoring area close to the goalpost. Guide players through various exercises and scenarios where they need to finish from close range.


Improves shooting accuracy, quick reactions, and composure in front of goal.


Develops players’ ability to score confidently from close-range situations, fostering goal-scoring instincts and composure in front of the net.

5- Attack from Wide

Attack from Wide (Soccer Drills For U11)

This drill emphasizes the importance of utilizing wide areas to launch effective attacks, encouraging wingers and full-backs to work together.

How to do this Drill

Set up a practice area with clearly defined wide zones. Guide players in creating and exploiting space on the flanks, focusing on accurate crosses and finishing.


Improves crossing accuracy, teamwork between wingers and full-backs, and goal-scoring from wide positions.


Develops players’ ability to attack and create goal-scoring opportunities from wide positions. Emphasizes the importance of effective wing play in the team’s overall strategy.

6- Score in Either Goal

Score in Either Goal

This unique drill challenges players to adapt quickly by allowing scoring in either goal, promoting awareness and decision-making.

How to do this Drill

Divide the players into two teams and set up a small-sided game with goals at both ends. Players can score in either goal, fostering adaptability.


Enhances decision-making, awareness of both offensive and defensive situations, and adaptability on the field.


Develops players’ ability to make quick decisions under pressure by allowing scoring in either goal. Promotes awareness of the entire field and adaptability to changing game dynamics.

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7- Recovering Defenders

Recovering Defenders

This drill focuses on teaching defenders how to recover quickly after losing possession, emphasizing defensive transitions.

How to do this Drill

Set up a scenario where attackers can counter-attack after gaining possession. Defenders practice quick recovery runs and defensive positioning.


Improves defensive recovery speed, positional awareness, and decision-making in transition.


Develops defenders’ ability to recover quickly and organize defensively after losing possession. Emphasizes the importance of defensive transition in maintaining team shape.

8- Shield and Protect

Shield and Protect

Shield and Protect teaches players how to shield the ball effectively, protecting possession and creating time for teammates to join the attack.

How to do this Drill

Pair up players, with one player shielding the ball while the other tries to win possession. Rotate roles to ensure all players practice both shielding and challenging.


Enhances ball shielding techniques, physical strength, and awareness of protecting possession.


Develops players’ ability to shield the ball under pressure, protecting possession and creating opportunities for teammates. Emphasizes the importance of ball retention in different areas of the field.

9- Keep Wingers Wide

Keep Wingers Wide

This drill encourages wingers to maintain width on the field, creating space and stretching the opposition’s defense.

How to do this Drill

Set up a practice area with clearly defined wide zones. Guide wingers through exercises that emphasize staying wide and creating space for themselves and their teammates.


Improves positional discipline, dribbling in wide areas, and creating space for attacking opportunities.


Develop wingers’ understanding of maintaining width to stretch the defense. Emphasizes the strategic importance of wide play in creating space for the team.

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10- 3v3 Scoring Under Pressure

3v3 Scoring Under Pressure (Soccer Drills For U11)

This drill simulates game-like situations where players practice scoring in a 3v3 scenario, enhancing their ability to finish under defensive pressure.

How to do this Drill

Set up a small-sided game with three attackers against three defenders. Encourage quick attacking combinations and finishing under defensive pressure.


Improves quick decision-making in tight spaces, finishing under pressure, and teamwork in small-sided situations.


Develops players’ ability and physical fitness to score goals in tight situations with defensive pressure. Enhances their composure and efficiency in front of the goal during small-sided games.


How do you coach under-11 soccer?

To coach under 11 soccer players effectively, prioritize fun, engagement, and skill development. Focus on fundamental techniques, small-sided games, and positive reinforcement. Encourage teamwork, communication, and a love for the game.

What is the under-11 dribbling drill?

Set up a dribbling drill for under 11 players by arranging cones in a zigzag pattern. In pairs, players take turns dribbling the ball through the cones using various moves. Emphasize close ball control, quick changes of direction, and using both feet.

How to coach 9 10-year-old soccer?

When coaching 9-10 year olds, create a positive and supportive environment. Emphasize basic skills, teamwork, and understanding of positions. Use age-appropriate drills, provide clear instructions, and encourage a love for playing soccer.

How can I make soccer training fun?

Make soccer training enjoyable by incorporating games, challenges, and variety. Use imaginative drills, reward positive efforts, and keep sessions dynamic. Foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere to ensure players look forward to each training session.


Soccer drills for U11 players serve as a cornerstone for skill development and enjoyment. By incorporating these dynamic and purposeful drills, coaches and parents can contribute to the holistic growth of young soccer enthusiasts. Embrace the journey of improvement, and watch these players evolve into skilled and confident individuals on the soccer field.

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